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About Boten

In its prime, Boten, Laos was known for its nighttime streets brightly lit by the neon lights on the surrounding establishments that towered the city. After an uneventful demise in 2011, it is once again rising to be the attraction it once was with the rise of the Beautiful Boten Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and the $7 billion high-speed railroad that will connect China to Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

Boten’s History

Boten, Laos is located at the Laos-China border, adjacent to Mohan province.

Because of its location, it managed to attract the entrepreneurial minds of Chinese businesspeople. In the early 2000s, The Golden City of Boten was born. Casinos, KTV’s, and entertainment bars lined the streets. Every night, the Chinese affluent crossed the China-Laos border to indulge in their favorite vices, which were deemed illegal in their home country.

Boten, Laos became an escape and a free sanctuary for those who could afford its gifts. It remained prosperous until it met an untimely demise in 2011 when the Chinese government ordered all its gambling establishments to close, and gaming to be illegal in the formerly great town.

The two leading casinos that used to dominate its gaming scene are now a Duty-Free shop, and into a dormitory for construction workers.

Present Day in Boten, Laos

Today, Boten, Laos is known for the on-going construction of the high-speed railway set to connect China to the Laos capital, Vientiane. The planned completion of the Boten, Laos station is 2021, with it being the first stop.

Alongside this, it is also the Beautiful Boten Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is also starting to emerge. The Beautiful Boten SEZ is a 700-hectare industrial expanse divided into zones, with each zone built for a specialized function.

Chinese companies handle their development. Laos citizens benefit from this because of the abundant employment opportunities the projects provide

Several residential buildings are rising in anticipation of more than 2,000 projected residents, most of them Chinese.


Things to Do and Enjoy in Boten, Laos

With a majority of its population being Chinese, restaurants in Boten, such as the Sichuan Restaurant, serve predominantly Chinese food. Most of them stand near the area of the Laos Immigration and Customs office, you will surely find more of them as you stroll in the area.

If you’re into shopping, then you’ll surely enjoy a trip to the Boten Duty-Free mall. Shop until you drop as you bask in your favorite Lacoste shirts and L’Oreal fragrances tax-free! As part of the developing Boten SEZ, this mall features three floors of international brands that both tourists and locals can freely enjoy.

Remembering Boten, Laos at its heyday, you can also visit the Boten Eccelente Cabaret. This entertainment house features professional exotic performers from other parts of Southeast Asia dancing cabarets with flawless zest and precision.

Finally, Boten, Laos also offers natural wonders that you can enjoy. Visit the Tad Ham Waterfalls and discover the setting of one of the most loved Laoatian legends. Trek along its mountains and find incredible views of the mountainsides of Thailand, too.