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Welcome to Beautiful Boten…

And the top source for information on Laos’ growing Specific Economic Zone


Beautiful Boten is blossoming fast at the border between Northern Laos and China, and this site is growing with it. You’ll find updated information on this born-again destination aiming to be a tourism and commercial hub along the high-speed China-Laos railway.


Find out about Boten’s hotels and restaurants, check out the mini-city’s attractions and those nearby, and learn about its history and people…it’s all right here.


Hotels in Boten: Boten currently hosts a few large budget hotels, though more high-end accommodation is on the rise in the Central Business District (CBD). To find a Boten hotel, click here.


Boten Restaurants: Sichuan dishes dominate Boten’s menus, due to the large Chinese population, though you’ll find pockets of Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese food. To get a taste of Boten’s eateries, click here.


Boten Attractions: Check out the three-story Boten Duty-Free Mall, enjoy a fun night out at the Boten Eccelente Cabaret, or immerse yourself in nature and culture starting 55 km south of Boten in Luang Namtha Town. To discover Boten’s attractions, click here.


History of Boten: Boten was born in 2003, and suffered through a troubled childhood. Now, it is “finding itself”, and looks set to mature as a major Southeast Asia commercial hub. To read Boten’s story, click here.


People of Boten: Over the centuries, Boten served as a passageway for ethnic groups migrating from China into north-eastern Laos. Today, some 20 diverse ethnic groups live in the area, and you can experience their culture. To learn about the People of Boten, click here.